Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

Make cookies and amass a huge fortune completing missions

To make it a cookie cookie with a click of the cookie where the cookieclick is an addictive game, you just have to press the giant cookie icon.


When you start the game, each click will add a cookie, and as much as you click on, you can enable upgrades by enabling large amounts of cookies by a single click, which can be accessed by a certain number of achievements


The upgrade includes among others, adorable grannies who will make products for you, cookies, farms or factories exclusively, and other gadgets that will make it so that you have thousands of cookies and click one click every second.


Once you reach a high level production, you'll be able to unlock the mission that will increase your cookie production. Both the production jump and you can click on them.


Occasionally you should be on screen, because the game will give you a small upgrade if you click the mini cookie. You want to add thousands of cookies

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