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Fun billiards game to play on your own or with others

Billiards is basically one of the most popular online billiard games due to its extreme similarity and great playability. There are two different modes: '8 balls' and 'stock pool'.


In '8-ball' mode, all the balls of a particular type of object are placed in the pocket (the first ball is marked) and your opponent black before it.


All the time your right kind of ball is in the pocket you can carry to play. If you fail, or you hit the wrong ball, you miss a turn. In this mode you can select between the CPU or the multi player (two players).


In the 'straight pool' mode, the object is more competitive than your opponent, any type and any sequence.


Similar changes like '8-Ball' mode are similar, but unless the ball type is defined, you will not miss a wrap to not have the right ball in pocket.


This mode can play alone against the CPU and multi-player (two players).


With billiards, you have the effect of true sound effects in background music and ball hit, which can be both restrictions.

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