Word Search

Word Search
Solve word search puzzles on many topics

Word Search is a game for puzzle lovers where you will find thousands of words organized in three layers of difficulty: find simple, medium, and hard. The purpose of this application is to find all the words as quickly as possible.


The best thing about Word Search is that you will get thousands of puzzles organized by the theme, so you can always play a new puzzle and cannot repeat the same one. Alongside, the words are sorted randomly each time you play, so that you can play multiple positions and still make a challenge.


The hard mode that differences between the difficulty levels will get you many more words, in much larger letters than medium and simple modes. Updates of the game also include new puzzles, so you can always have to play new ones.


You can change the interface and font appearance so that it is easy to play. Whenever you find a word it becomes green, if you get it right, or if you select automatic solution.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


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