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Westerado is an action and adventure game set where you play a cowboy, after the murder of his whole family, find a risky mission nitty gritty and get his many worthwhile revenge.


Alongside the way, gameplay, setting, and even stories will make you feel a bit of red-dead redemption - despite it being a browser game, we're talking about an open world adventure where you're talking to the whole villages inside the characters loads ... Or shoot them.


In fact, you can even enter the village and kill the person you came to, although it usually does not produce very good results. The best thing is to try to find the signal and talk to the characters to get help.


A very interesting detail that during any conversation you can pull your gun and shoot the person you can talk to, putting a violent end to the conversation. You can do this by anybody or even Sheriff himself.


Westarda boasts an action and adventure game in an open world which boasts excellent graphics and a setting which will be in a world where you can communicate conversations that can always end up with a good bullet in the middle of the eye.

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