Sugar Loco Wrestling

Sugar Loco Wrestling


Chumki Loko Wrestling is a very strange game where you want to fight other players with curiosity in the wrestling matches because they are fun. But here, instead of fast and futuristic, you have to throw it on each other.


So fast, though: before you start wrestling you actually have to make cakes. The first minutes of the game need to spend the selection of ingredients for your cake. Coffee, pineapple, pitch, raspberries, lemon, pizza; There are many different cakes you can make.


That is done, the actual game starts, and you have to move through the ring throwing cake on your opponent, and obviously try to kill his cakes at the same time. You have to use the keyboard to move your character, and the mouse will aim.


Sugar Loo Wrestling is really ... oh ... crazy game not only because of the strange gameplay, but also due to excellent graphics and frenzied soundtrack.

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