Street Fighter 2 CE

Street Fighter 2 CE


Street Fighter was one of the games that was a complete breakthrough in the history of the video game. Because of this, there are many versions of this classic 2D war game.


Street Fighter 2 CEVIS is undoubtedly one of the best editions


Road Fight using Flash, as it protects a very similar look from the original.


You can play with a character in the series of street fighters 2 CE playing: Rou, Cain, Blanca, Honda, Mr. Bison, Balorg, Dhalisim, Gill, Wet, Sagat, Jangif and Chun Lee.


Easy to play: As soon as you have chosen your character, you begin to travel from one side of another world to the destruction of the letters of each region. The best 3 attacks of each war were decided.


Street Fighter 2 CEO controls are the cursor keys for bullets, S, D, F, X, C, and V.

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