Sigurdr's Havoc

Sigurdr's Havoc

Joy Masher

Sigurdr's Havoc is a very strange action game where the setting turns slowly when you try to avoid the face against different enemies and avoid avoiding the various obstacles you have found along the way.


The reason for the rotation of time is that your character, Cigarard, entered the legendary Sea Snake Jarmmangandar to kill it. In other words, your hero falls through the endless throat of a giant serpent throughout the entire game.


Graphic graphics in Sigurdr's hawk, tribute to classic arcade games, even imitating back-to-day interlaced graphics. Considering that gameplay matches the graphics, the results are like returning back to the time you've enjoyed playing an arcade game that you've played over the years.


Sigurdr's Havoc is a very fun action game that, despite the small and very difficult, is full of an experience that is not different for the emotion and the sensation of that heart.

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