Monster Dash (Chrome)

Monster Dash (Chrome)

Halfbrick Studios

Monster Dash is a dynamic action game in which Stackphrio Barry is operated, an action hero submerged in a giant-based world whose only purpose is to kill everyone while running somewhere else.


Thus, the characters will run from left to right, and a jump button in your control, with whom you instant death, and the shooting button, thanks means that we should avoid a lot of precipices, you can destroy the enemy exceeded


When you miles when your character is a different scene with the teleport will be, and a texture missing the roof, Egyptian mamigulira filling underground  underground  geography, the fight against enemies to make too many weapons There are some things you can collect: pistol, meschi Sourcing, rocket launchers, shotguns, a motorcycle and even "Jetpack".


This khelatio is filled with challenges, in which you can compete with your friends who are able to go to an online competition organized by the maximum distance. It's as easy to talk about at first GTalk, and then Chrome's app is moving forward.


Monster Dash is a very delightful title that takes a few minutes to do. You just have to open your browser and will have to start playing.

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