Youtube XL

Youtube XL

Enjoy viewing Youtube on your multimedia centre

YouTube has become another way of watching television, without waiting for TV or ads, and with this feature you can choose the best videos you like.


Up until you have to use a special program to enjoy YouTube's own website or video, but the advent of the big TV screen means people need something near a home movie.


Now, thanks to the creators of YouTube, you can enjoy YouTube in Home Syndrome mode with YouTube Excel, an alternative section of YouTube that allows you to control the TV with a multimedia center or remote control, which shows a much clearer and more easily handled content. .


You can carry searches, browse through the most viewed videos, watch the people with the most comments, and watch videos you upload, share them, identify favorites as videos or browse videos related to what you watch.


So, the YouTube XL has become an ideal option for the original YouTube screen.

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