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Without a doubt, the streaming service for uploading and playing YouTube video performance.


Every basic function is familiar with which allows you to look for a video like the theme, and undoubtedly frequent the service to fill many of our zero moments. But this is much more than this.


In addition to the advanced options for running videos, like playlists handling and registering on YouTube, you will be a member of the community and send more to your own videos so that millions of users can see it worldwide.


The upload process is very easy and helps you get to the web by selecting your videos from your hard disk on their hard disk. Remember that the maximum size of a file is 1 GB and you can upload up to ten maximum videos at once.


Once they are on YouTube, you can access them faster and share them with different types of formats, sending them directly to their links, adding videos to your blog via your ready code, which Youtube gives you or your other social networks on your profile. By adding. Also, do not forget that if you use intuitive descriptions and tags, you can better represent your video so that it can be seen by users you might imagine.

How to enable new restriction mode on YouTube

Youtube has already received a parental control mode, but it is true that this restriction is too much for most people because it blocks any content that is inappropriate for lightweight kids. To provide a less robust alternative, they have introduced a new limited mode, which automatically hides the content according to user's accuracy.

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YouTube has added fast rewind and fast-forward gestures to recent application updates

You can easily get YouTube videos freely in their smartphone app, although to be honest, an option has been selected to add a video before, it does not always work well. Fortunately, the latest application updates have reminded our poor users and added gesture control to quick-forward or rewind easily through the clip.

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Google's Android Vo Headset goes to DeDrim's name

Virtual reality is not the "next best thing in technology." It is already alive and tugging in between us. In fact, Google has prepared a complete weapon of native and third-party applications so that they can call their new VR system's upcoming gateway (for now) only available and compatible with other compatible devices like Android 7 and Pixel. This group of apps was designed to work with their own VR headsets (originally a deluxe version of Google Cardboard), and enables users to relax comfortable with gyroscopic sensors, with their remote control in their in-house experience.

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