Peggo is an online platform where you can record and download MP3 tracks from your favorite YouTube videos. How? It's easy to enter the URL of the video in Peggo's search bar.


Its interface is very easy: If you see the name of the webpage and the bottom of it, enter the search engine where you mentioned it, or type the name of the song or artist you are looking for.


The search engine works like YouTube and your results are automatically displayed as you type.


Peggo includes an editor so you can choose the quality that you want to preview your selected video, as well as a time bar where you can select specific video pieces that you want to download on MP3 and start by setting the last points.


Other excellent features of this online converter are that it is sometimes found at the beginning and end of the video can sometimes remove the silence, so that you can enjoy a good-quality MP3 as soon as you start to hit.


It automatically normalizes the audio and accepts songs and artist names so that you can save your recording   with the right information.

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