RapidShare is a free online storage service that allows you to upload files to the Web and share it with their friends via direct downloads.


It works very easily, since you have to choose what you want to share on your hard disk from their location and wait for download of the service where the download is available, even without registering it.


This can prove to be a very effective solution when you can send one or more files at a sufficient size and are more convenient than sending them as email attachments. However, above all, you can be very helpful to share any type of file on the Internet with anyone you choose.


The advantage of using a service such as RapidShare is that even if the file is located on their servers, only those who have enabled them will be able to access the link to download it.


At RapidShare, there are two modes available, free and premium. There are certain limitations in free mode, which is not easy to work for those who do not expect the services to be widely used. For example, a free account user cannot upload more than 200 MB files (though you can upload files of this size); Download speed is limited and links used for 90 days will be canceled.


These limitations do not apply to premium users, who can upload large files at a fairly reasonable cost, and download the maximum, without limitation, from any page on file for sharing via RapidShare.


It does not offer premiums for premium, which cannot be associated with the Raffaid share. However, it is a privacy you can use.

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