Mega Limited 2013

MegaPold's official heir, Mega, ends here. The web application Cloud Storage has arrived with the hope of becoming a benchmark, giving potential features to its users.


Using it, drag the file that you want to share into the browser window as easy to drag, or click the big button 'Mega' to select a file. In this way you can share all the online elements that you want: movies, video games, TV episodes, documents, photos ... something you can think of.


Once registered (not recommended but highly recommended), you will get 50 GB available free space available. This means that you are going through the registration process, you will get 50 GB to collect whatever you want for free.


Of course, you can provide a subscription to get more storage and higher bandwidth. These options cut 10 euro to 500 gigabytes of storage per month, 4 tabs for 30 euros.


Finally, Mega is a small social function that allows you to send and receive messages with other users. In this way, you can contact your friends, or easily with other users, who are uploading files of your interest.


Mega is a very small service, but despite having competition with giants like Mediafire and similar, it promises many offers in the cloud storage area. Only time will tell if it really is the best heir of Megaupload.

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