Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print



Old printers can be connected to the Internet through a laptop or desktop computer and may be registered to Google Cloud Print through a function included in Google Chrome.

Google Cloud Print is a new technology from Google that will connect your printers to the web so that you can access from any application that you use daily. It does not matter where you are, since the tool works from smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, computers and any other device connected to the Internet.


Although it is recommended to use a printer designed for cloud-based printing, this tool will actually work with a printer, as long as you connect it to your account in Google Cloud Print. This takes just a few seconds, then you have to be ready to print.


You can use Google Cloud Print to share your printers with anyone else. It's easy to share Google Docs documents with your Google Account.


Google Cloud Print is very serious about document security. All documents are transferred through a secure HTTPS connection.


After finalizing a print job, all related documents are deleted from your server. You can remove jobs and other history from the Google Cloud Print administration page whenever you like



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