Compatible with Android 2.2 and higher



Free 31 day trial.

GoodBab is an app for creating cell phone apps that you do not have to know about programming or computer science. If you were flipping through a catalog you can select all the options and features that you want in your app


The process of creating a tool is simple and it depends on four steps: the app is designed, designed by the app, designing the app, and publishing it on the App Store or Google Play, according to Apple or Google's standards.


Your app will not be made from anything, starting with a name and describing colors, icons, fonts, and all the details of their distribution.


Goodburner can be linked to the most basic web content, such as WordPress and TypePad Articles, Flickr or Picasa, YouTube and Voemo Video, Social Networking like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so that your app lacks a bit and you can spread it on the web


One of the best features of this is that you can manage your app and see your statistics, that you can see its statistics from this web page to see if this tool is creating your tool or how many people have downloaded this tool.


GoodBarber offers a free trial month, but when it is over, you can take advantage of its good price. The standard editor's cost is 16 euros / month or you can get the full version with all its capabilities for 32 euros.



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