Store files in the cloud and share them with others is an online file storage service that is characterized by the odd ways of sharing web content.


This unusual method creates drops called storage units. With each drop access password-protected, others and completely personal independently.


You can allot permission to access, modify and download your drop as you create them.


Once you create a drop, you can save any type of file: photos, videos, audio files, documents, etc. You can save notes and links like links on each dot.


How do you access your drops? It's really simple: every time you create a drop you can give it a URL address, it's a unique address and you can share it with someone you want

This special drop cooperation. And I forget the URL of the drop? At any time you can recover your Drop-URL address from the home page


If you work in the cloud and organize your files and notes organized in a single place then you really need to check out

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