Ecxellent office suite for working online

Increasing Internet means reducing the use of applications that were previously necessary for computers, such as OpenOffice and Microsoft Office Office packages.


Joho is an online application service that claims to be the best option for Google Docs and includes a great suite of office utilities and a convenient utility to optimize your personal productivity and optimize your collaborative projects.


The only usage and requirements that you have registered with an email account are completely free, it gives you access to all available applications.


As already mentioned, the most notable applications on the Joho are in the office, which is fully compatible with all the documents created in the office or OpenOffice. In the range, you'll find Joho Writers (text editor), Joho Sheet (spreadsheets) and Joho Show (presentation), and you'll find a calendar, a project director, a block of post notes and a webmail service.


From a co-operative perspective, Joho is in the forearm. It has a system for its own wiki, online document management, a file store, chat facility and an application called Johora Meetings, thanks to which you can keep video conferences and online meetings as you wish.


Finally, there is no need to worry about panic over many services in one place, since you will not be able to use them all, and since WYSIWYG (what you see, what you will get) is to ensure the policy is easy to use for every application application .

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