View Docs Online

View Docs Online

Denis Remondini
Get to view any document fast on the Web

Quickly view any document on the web


View Docs Online If you do not need to install a special program on your system, then you can see online documents directly in your browser.


It supports the following file formats: Compatibable format with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice and PDF. The document viewer that docks online uses is made by the ipappa, which is based on Adobe Flash, it is compatible with most existing existing systems and browsers.


See another interesting feature of Docs Online is that it lets you open a document directly from the Internet, by inputting your URL, you do not need to download a pre-download on your hard drive.


As a result, viewing the document online has become an excellent choice for situations where you are using a different computer yourself or when you want to keep a quick look at the document with extra complexity

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