- Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.


- New members have free access to premium features for seven days.

Busuu is a web platform that has been designed so that through dynamic and varied exercises one can learn a language according to its level.


This service teaches set phrases and conversations for more than 150 days of conditions and teaches you over 3,000 words in each of the available languages. The best thing about this tool is that in each practice you can hear how each word is spoken, and practice it telling yourself.


Activities in Busuu are organized into reading, writing, listening and conversation activities; And all these areas have all you need to succeed. If you want to learn to understand a language, you will be able to speak it too. Four exercises vary according to the level, so you can use vocabulary, grammar, and dialogue to practice, there are a large number of different tests


Another great feature of this web platform is that it works according to MCER with your language level, which means it goes from A1 to B2.


If you want to perfect your language skills, you can talk to the native speakers of the Basu community, who can help you with your needs.

Best language learning apps

One thing is definitely the best way to learn a language, start by saying it. If you are looking for something to complement such natural education, this application is already learned and you can start talking to the research tools to help keep it. This article here is about all about some of the best language learning best Android apps. We've come up with a mixed bunch, the grammar is a complete collaborative platform that helps you improve your pronunciation that results from the database after everything goes on here.

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