Online feed readers changed the way we access news on our favorite websites. However, the readers of this feed did not satisfy all users of Design Desktop Feed readers.


Bloglines revive the readership of those desktop feed readers, allowing you to choose from an online service, both traditional and innovative, different reading modes.


Opinions available on bloglines are the complete mode, where unselected articles are linear form, quick mode, Google Reader, where you want unneeded articles and 3-pane mode, which uses a view in three panels. , Similar to traditional email clients.


You can add all the feeds you want and organize them into folders. It is also a significant way to send messages through windows like Netvibes or iGoogle systems, but is especially perfect for readable feeds.


Another feature that will find interesting things, the possibility of annotations of the articles you are reading and creating a blog that can be accessed abroad and where you can express your thoughts in an article.

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