Adobe Buzzword

Adobe Buzzword



The free version only lets you upload 5 documents for editing.

Remember how interesting it is, increasingly, imitate them on the web application desktop. This means that instead of installing an office or any other software, you can type and edit your documents, for example.


Adobe Reader and Photoshop developers have set up their bits as tools for editing documents on the Web site in AddBlzjjj, which also takes advantage of all the flash, and also creates their creation.


In appearance, it is easy and minimalist; Controls are reduced or hidden so that they do not go to the original task, which is editing a document.


Adobe Buzzword provides you with most of the text in this text as well as a format of different size formats. This lets you insert pictures and tables as well as comments.


Another unique characteristic of Adobe Buzzards is that they are able to bring together multiple users together so they can edit a document collaboratively.


Adobe Buzzword lets you save and download documents created in the following formats: PDF, Dock, XML, DoCiX, RTF, TXT, ODT, and EPib.


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