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Anyone that tried to plant in Plant vs. Zombies will finally end up hooked while sitting in front of the screen, but more interesting to try to invent this humble interesting witch who plays in your home; You can turn your avatars into twitter, facebook, vapor or even create your profile in the Uptodown community.


Zombatar lets you create zombies' head personal and create a resonant avatar of your own, because you can do it: zombatar.


The first thing to do when you go to the app is to select the skin tone of your character, then continue Personalizing by selecting a style and color for hair, beard and eyebrow, and determine whether you want a monocle or tattoo around the eyes. Set that to work, you want to dress your zambia and put the earrings, necklaces or unusual hat before finally selecting the background against which to place your hero.


Once you have finished creating your zoom, click the 'Finish' button, then click the 'Get Butter' button and download your avatar in JPG format which is ready to be used as a social avatar with the size of 181x181 pixels. .

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