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Do not you struggle to speed up a snail with the links you do not want to share a picture with your Twitter contacts quickly, having to change the page per minute?


Twitpic targets Twitter users on a photo hosting service, it has been fully integrated into the microblogging network.


TwitPic proves that it is one of the most reliable and consistent tools available, which is a large number of applications for Twitter, both on desktop and those in 'Ether', using TwitPic as their photo uploader pictures.


To get started at TwitPic, you need all your Twitter accounts, which at the same time allow you to identify you on the web, write messages to you and tweet the pictures that you directly upload directly from the page.


This service lets you access and display all images uploaded to your Twitter account on the same web page.


The upload process is simple: upload the image and add relevant text to the relevant 'tweets'. Equally, you can skip this last step, and save the image for future use.


The offered options include an email address for sending potos directly from the Twitpic service, for example, a mobile phone.

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