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Thinglink is a major online platform for creating interactive images with embedded links. This means that people see your picture by opening their file and moving their mouse over them.


If you want to do marketing and want to spread your work or brand more creative, this tool is perfect. It's like a digital poster that leads to videos or sites to make your campaigns even more effective with embedded links.


With these interactive images, you can use the thinglink to attract a smooth, innovative and direct approach to John. You can include everything you want to see to attach it to your image or poster.


To use this service, you must register (it is free) and specify whether it is a business or personal account. With a personal account, you can upload and use your own icon and create custom promotions.


Thinglink offers real-time analysis and performance metric for your images. In this way, you can see that the image is clickable on number of clicks, time view and more, if the images are effective. If you learn this success successfully your audience can use these numbers to create new interactive images with the same technique, or if it is not something else.


All your creations can be shared with one click with Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, exposing exposure can make your campaign more easily without thingling.


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