Testico is a webpage that is very useful for mobile application developers. You can see how your app's icon will appear on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.


A simple, quick and convenient way to preview your icon across testicular devices. Although webapp is in English, it is very intuitive, and anyone can use it regardless of their native language. Simply upload your design and choose between two types of icons that testicos create for you.


From there, you will see icon icons on the various screens of the iOS device, on the home screen and in the App Store. You can download the image file or share the results to social networks.


There is no limit to the resolution of the image you want to use to create images. Bookmark the web application if you want to return to the icon, then Testico will preview for 7 days.


With Testico, you can check what your icon looks like before placing your app on the market.

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