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Browser Stack is a recommended webpage that will automatically take you to its official website so that you can verify that your website is properly verified in all operating systems, browsers and mobile devices.


If you have designed the website and want it to be functional and versatile for all users regardless of the user or computer they use, regardless of the device or computer they use, this service is really useful.


Useful for browser stacking, which is easy to use: When you turn on the app, a window will pop up in your browser where you need to enter your public URL or internal server (including local folder with HTML, CSS and JavaScript files) for free online After registration, start testing.


Once your domain is added, you just have to choose the operating system and model you want to preview your website, and once the results are loaded, you can see it from the device emulator or browser you need.


Browser Stack is compatible with 200 browsers, desktop computers and mobile devices, which allow you to specify Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari and various models of iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.


Additionally, you cannot preview your domain only but you can test it through Visual Studio, since all browsers include tests in pre-installed software development tools. 

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