Aviary Falcon

Aviary Falcon


Online image editors come with more and more added functions, such as Avivari Phoenix. This, instead, creates a situation where New Year users lack confidence to manage these markup editors.


This is because due to the introduction of Aviar Falcon option applications, a marked up editor is particularly targeted to those who want to carry minor touch again in their photo or only to make a draw.


With Aviary Falcon you can upload photos or start a drawing from scratch. For this purpose, you have the option of adding a variety of tools, such as a patterbrush, color selector and a range of different sizes, as well as text in the image. In addition to these, you have the crop, rotation and re-cut function.


With all these features, Livelock Falcon is now the best choice of applications for users who want to edit a photo and cannot think about the details.

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