Have you seen a website that you love and want to see it with your friends? Do you want to send the URL to your contacts but it is too long?


If any of these two situations is known, you will be happy to learn a web application about, it lets you shorten a web address and share it with major social networks.


To shrink the address of the website, enter its URL in the corresponding location and then perform the tasks to get a very short version. You can configure additional options such as securing the address with a password, customizing the applied URL or setting the 'sharing bar'.


And what's the 'sharing bar', you can ask? When you view a website address compressed by it is not anything other than a bar located at the top of the browser. This bar gives you quick access to major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, etc.) so that you can share the website you visit.


Another interesting feature of is to open another tab in the Navigator or the page you are viewing does not disturb your navigation, the ability to shrink website addresses on the page you are viewing via 'bookmarklet'.

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Free 46Bit


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