Kaspersky Online Scanner

Kaspersky Online Scanner

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If you have already received're  not anti-virus software installed on your computer, but your hard drive or virus suspect that seems to be a certain file you right now, that you know will be happy that Kaspersky On line’s online application scanners at all without the need to install any software that can scan your computer .


Kaspersky Online Scanner, in various areas of your system that can carry out in-depth, including vital areas or My Computer. Not only that, any folder in the hard drive, as well as any files stored on the computer can check.


For the last two operations, Kaspersky Online Scanner has to run a JavaScript client, but as described above, there is no need to install any software to get this done.


The last, you can rest assured Kaspersky Online Scanner updates its virus database when you connect it. The process takes only a few minutes, but with the confidence that your system is the Net for the latest malware crime out there that is being tested.

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