Free My Apps

Free My Apps



You can access the application from Safari Mobile is an American iTunes account to use.

Free My Apps is a web application that lets you pay for the free iPhone app to download, in a very simple way to help gaining credits.


The web page function: You sponsored applications (typically from 50 to 120 credits) credit for a heroic, try them for at least thirty seconds, and after a series of tests to download, there is no credit corresponding to the amount.


Once you give them credit there are a number of applications available for download, in Angry Birds Space, which, like the names of the second will face eternal knife can purchase investments, and many more plants vs zombies. You must have enough credits to install a lot of free applications can be achieved.


Free apps for my iPhone, which can be quite expensive on some occasions, some of the applications for the purchase of a new web application for users who want to save the euro. 

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