Online designer for planning house and interior designs

Floorplanner houses, flats and apartments from scratch to create a plan for an online program. It also allows you to equip them with every possible accessory.


The structure is designed in 2D but Floor planner you enabling 3D preview tour of the rooms. When the first stage of working with Floorplanner walls, doors, windows and the floor area of ??the building is painted.


Building more floors can be added to the configuration panel. All you have to do state-meter height of each floor.


Floorplanner is scaled to create designs. Each wall is posted next to their levels. The user can choose the unit of measurement. You can also add a background image.


Floorplanner's library of feature living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and offices have been included for every type of object.


Floorplanner Free Edition enables you to design a house. The paid version, annually costing 19 euros, without the intrusion of ads you can design up to five houses.

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