A simple and efficient editor of diagrams

Making diagrams, whatever they are, will be a quick and easy task. However, most publishers usually many options and styles are finally fed up with potential users that the offer even before they are downloaded.


Cacoo solves this problem because it is a simple and easy to use, especially installation is required editor is accessible from any computer.


After you create a free account, you create all the diagrams you want to organize their folders and accessible from anywhere they may be.


You can write to the editor of almost any shape, and clip art has a big gallery where you can link your diagram. Still, you can always introduce your own image.


Creating link or statistics, aligning it ever as you drag or resize any of the material makes it easier than it seems. Automatically adjust the image diagram of the material has been sorted on the program guide.


Plot elements face graphic editing panels, text tools, padding, borders, and can be changed using the shadows.


If all this were not enough, Caco diagrams directly from the web to share with others and have the ability to edit a diagram.

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Free Nulab


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