Autodesk Project Dragonfly

Autodesk Project Dragonfly

Autodesk, Inc.

When designing or decorating a room or furniture, it is to see the reality, we liked the sound is a great help to be able to try out ideas.


These days, picturing the end result is not hard, Autodesk Project Dragonfly's applications, which, without the need to install anything on the PC, the user a variety of both 2D and 3D environments and situations that allow you to create a range of views have to thank.


Since it came to light walls and plants and other architectural elements can be changed everything from the size of the editor's versatility, amazing.


Autodesk Project Dragonfly, such as bathtubs and basins, such as TV, music center, etc. and plumbing items, including carpets, mirrors and decorative elements ,, as well as electronic gadgetry can contain dozens of items from various types of furniture.


You can personalize the position of each item, and the situation is no size limit, there is no possibility of his times.


Thus, with an infinite number of features and a high level of personalization, Autodesk Project Dragonfly is becoming one of the hottest web applications.

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