If you enjoyed a website but can not remember his address to want to come back? And if you do not want to show a friend the website?


Both Q delicious, easy to store and retrieve the address of a website in the website so that you can return to them whenever they got their answer.


You may be in public or private saving; This way you have to worry about them, there are some URL that you do not want to make public the list of websites you can share it with friends.


Class is a website very easy, powerful label system possessed by the web application have to thank. In addition, you can assign a title and description of each website.


There are also other bulk containers in which the natural levels of the bookmarks that you have to behave like a normal can save the contents of the label.


Each bookmark has its own RSS feed, both private and public use, which you can follow the website address to your friends, and vice versa for.


Besides this, there is delicious and is compatible with the web browser, which makes it bookmarking services available online is to become one of the main desktop applications, there are dozens of accessories.

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