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As a leader in the field of space applications that WordPress, Blogger is the same as the one of the fields.


WordPress is free for all with no need for a server or any other installation in seconds to create your own blog, and lets.


Your WordPress blog is fully personalizable, both in structure and appearance from hundreds of themes and plug-ins which undoubtedly make your blog unique is the ability to install.


Including the ability to edit the HTML code editor supporting her, as if in a multitude of formats, is easy to use for both new and advancded users.


Manager's comment can not be deferred. Very easy to revise your audience to leave the post, even more so if you are very effective anti-spam system which comes incorporated in Wordpress to take advantage of.


That was not enough though, WordPress also showing you how many viewers have read your entry to the counter, and when they did so.

WordPress for Rookies I: How to create a blog from zero


We are creating and developing your skills when it comes to writing blogs and sharing your knowledge and experience with other people that have talked before about the benefits of blogs. WordPress platform is now the most comprehensive content management system, to the point that the Web page is now using it. For that reason, and given that no one's birth blogging, we register WordPress and free use of the contents of the storage it offers to explain how to create a blog from scratch going.

How to create an online store with WordPress and WooCommerce


Prestashop or magenta many free and open source, such as your own from scratch, such as online stores ,, which you can use to create projects that are available for CMSs. An interesting alternative to using it as a base and plug-ins within a complete e-commerce tool that can transform your blog and Control Panel to add is to take advantage of the versatility of WordPress. In this case, we are free to use the tools of commerce and WooThemes templates are available.

How to install your WordPress blog on a local server


WordPress offers you two options when it is, CMS comes as use it to create your own blog: WordPress allows blogs hosted by itself or have it installed on your own server. In the latter case, and get down to business on the Internet for Web-hosting offer, before you publish your blog before creating a local installation and it can also check all of its features. Here we explain how to do it.




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