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WhatsApp Web


WhatsApp is the most used IM applications multiplatform world. Now, after a long wait finally the developers of any desktop PC users to chat with people known to them through their Web browser options are suggested.


Web version of WhatsApp to all your contacts, groups, and add all your devices to sync with the advantages of a conversation, the mobile app offers the same features. This allows you to receive notifications directly to your desktop.


To use it, you only need to download the browser (version 2.11.498 or higher for Android) is updated to the latest version. Open the app and at the top right drop-down menu, you'll see a new option called WhatsApp website. If you use your smartphone camera at the QR code that when you access the web version of the official web page of the link will appear to capture. Done that, your contacts and chat tab window should appear automatically.


This particular version is only capable of setting or desktop notifications (both pop-up windows and sounds), disabled, or for a set period of time have the option to shut their mouths.

Serious vulnerability uncovered in WhatsApp Web

This problem is illustrated in the web version of any browser to run a QR code to exclusive smartphone application was sent.

How to restore deleted chats on WhatsApp

We've explained before, WhatsApp on your Google Drive account lets periodic automatic backups, but when you need to restore a backup from before the most recent one, there may be times. Given that the Android version up to a week's worth of your local memory to store the backup, you can restore the message by using a simple method.

The new WhatsApp syncs your chats to the cloud

A recurring dream of a hopeless fool WhatsApp app or uninstall their data by accident, by losing their chat history. Luckily, Android version 2.12.45 for the periodic automatic backups of your Google Drive Cloud Sync account includes an option to avoid this catastrophe.

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