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When instant messaging, VoIP and social networks talking about the new forms of communication on the Internet, not to mention it's an error, 'microblogging', or more specifically, to Twitter.


Twitter is a Web application that contains the message to 140 characters to communicate with other Internet users start.


Label 'microblogging' service that the service consists of a network of blogs containing the small-scale entry may give rise to the idea, though, Twitter has been developed in such a clear and straightforward service for communication between people has been defined as.


Proof of this is to facilitate communication over the network, just as happened with instant messaging, there are hundreds of applications created.


The answer is a new service, a simple messaging system, an innovative system for the different users of Internet communication has become a full revolutionary force Twitter.


For your friends (with your Gmail or Hotmail address book) to open an account, and present the results to Twitter and versatile web interface as easy to use to start talking with them. Do you dare enter?

Latest Twitter update adds “Moments”, a selection of highlighted content


Following us on Twitter is a significant change in how to use it this week surprised. A few years ago, "Moments," the process is simple and you might miss if you did not follow certain account information in order to facilitate access to a selection of popular content has created. This tool is designed for smartphones may not have quite the effect we had expected. Still, it just came out in full force in Spain, and from the smartphone or the browser can be enjoyed to its full splendor.

Twitter ditches 140 character limit for images and GIFs


Twitter's 140-character limit has been a thorny issue. Conciseness and minimalism have always been the hallmarks of a social network whose growth has stopped, so the maximum size of a wide range of favorites in his original idea may not be the best move distorted. Now that you have saved characters for the link to your favorites to add an image or video has been removed: Anyway, that's just the change does not just go away. This means that you are still connected to you, regardless of your tweet you get the full 140 characters.

How to lower your data usage on Twitter


More often than not you're on Twitter, you'll probably have noticed there is no tomorrow, which is the official Twitter client for Android to eat through your monthly data plan. Here is one of the main perpetrators of the indiscriminate application costs, especially now that the video, and animation GIF are now more widely supported in the form of evil that is all the Rage. However, there is a way to know what you want to opt out of this? The default settings are disabled on multimedia data to be installed, but this can easily straighten out your Settings menu are just a few quick taps.

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