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To create a Facebook account, you provide some personal details and a network of friends and acquaintances easily it enables you to upload a profile photo. Once inside Facebook, you work colleagues, school and university friend, travel companion, you can start the search ... We have to use the search field to relaunch friends and keep in touch with people who live hundreds of kilometers away.


There are plenty of options available on Facebook: Upload photos, create albums, the pictures appear on the labels of their personal message, to get access to a large number of online games ...


Facebook homepage on your own, can you comment on the current state, the top of the text box; If you link to a web page you enjoyed the post, a photo uploaded, posted a video and, of course, to see the people in your contact list.


Facebook is also an instant messaging option, the screen, where you can see your contacts online in the bottom right-hand corner comes with, then MSN, Yahoo Messenger or ICQ chat with exactly the same as them. You can also just like sending an email, contacts can choose to send personal messages, and contacts to access their in-trays can read through. You can even send a message to a contact's number.


Finally, upload the data with varying levels of confidentiality may be submitted. For example, upload a photo, you can decide the user can see it: his only friend or friend of everyone. You can even exclude specific friends to meet; In fact, you can create groups with limited rights.

Facebook (also) adds disappearing story posts

Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon now - one of the site if it works, they've gotta do it all. The trail Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter blazed by the official Facebook client, after all sorts of effects, both static and moving with a short video clip to create a new feature has been added. Clip disappear after 24 hours.

This website scrapes Facebook to find out everything about you

Millions of people use Facebook every day, upload their photos and videos, post comments, or to choose their favorite pages. Facebook, in turn, this comprehensive and complete data collection and puts it on its servers. Any person added to your friends list, you can easily get this information unless you have something to remedy it. And now that this prevented a new web page to find out everything about you scrapes Facebook thanks to more accessible.

Facebook adds weather updates and disaster alerts

If a tech company that constantly tries to innovate its application, Facebook. Launched almost weekly with updates, Facebook includes some new features to its service completely stopped moving. Community notifications for weather updates and disasters: Today we're talking about two novelties that deserve a look.

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