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Being merely a microblogging service Twitter to become a benchmark for communication exceeds 2.0. As a result, it is still moreso if your account is being taken in by a large number of contacts to organize the following information has become more important.


Tweetizen a web application you create groups of Twitter users, all of them in a single timeline from the perspective of a public that URL to easily keep up to date with the latest news from each group is accessible via the set.


Group containing a maximum of 10 users as you wish you can create groups. In each, users timelines, and his answers, "you can review retwitter 'messages and send messages directly to each user.


Each group can be shared thanks to the public URL and can be included in an external website if you want to.


In addition to this, Tweetizen you Twitter's built-in search facility thanks to the grouping of keywords to make sure that you share with other users in your brand or topic of interest to mention that warning. In this mode you have the language and message type (RT or a web link) allows you to add the hashtags and filter content.

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