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No news or twitter to share with the rest of the world, whereas in the statement of a tweet can reach any part of the planet at any time you want an incredible way to communicate.


Thanks to its user-friendly format, all the tweets from people you follow to the end and sometimes tend to collect an endless list of important news to you, your friends and all that is between them and their numerous tweets miss mention may be hidden.


Tweet Times Now, an application that fits your needs in a way so you can see all the news based on your Twitter timeline with the creation of a traditional newspaper that could not solve the problem.


Tweet Times gathers tweets in your timeline and arrange them according to pre-established criteria by you. Viewing Times sync with your account, if you take a few minutes the web application in your magazine with the most interesting tweets will be updated every hour, which must be made.


This web application is fully twitter lists, users, and even create custom newspapers are based on certain hashtags.

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