Jelly Reader

Jelly Reader


Since Google Reader is not available, many users are looking for an option to continue using their RSS feeds. RSS feeder that handles a Chrome blog, so you can easily read all the posts will be organized: JellyReader following is a tool to improve.


JellyReader and add subscriptions, and the ones you no longer want to read a great way to be destroyed. This Chrome extension to your RSS feeds all in the cloud so you can access them anywhere you need to save.


This is a strong point that it is the reader's entire Dropbox Google Drive, you can start the session, which means that the services are being integrated with other applications. You can also protect your documents from all of those services can not keep on JellyReader.


Only one reader to import your feeds from other services, which means that you have added to your favorite pages will take some time to let all of it.

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