Protecting your digital privacy does not mean you need to disappear from social networks; In fact, their participation is still possible to protect your data.


Diaspora *, where you can control the information you share on Facebook and Twitter is a social network, there is no alternative, and it is where you are the only owner. This service is a similar look and features, but also on Facebook and Twitter social networks more than any other to protect your privacy.


Diaspora *, rather than on the decentralization of large organizations that belong to the central server, the local server (pods) that can be installed anywhere in the world formed. And you only need to register a pod.


Diaspora *, like other social networks you can be anyone you like you do not have to use your real identity. If you have any other ways that you can interact with someone you like.


Diaspora * to keep in touch with friends, even if they do not have an account in this connection; You just Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr to connect with your account.

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