Juan Jesús Bermúdez

It is constantly on the specific problems in order to obtain the views of other people becoming more and more important to all of us, from the most common, such as what is the best team in the world? More personal, such as what you would prefer that I do not?


CyRank and create a Web application for sharing with your friends and acquaintances to express the opinion polls, which easily.


Survey-creation process is simple and fast. You only have to type in your question and the possible options to indicate such things as labels attached with a description or survey provided some extra points.


Once you create a poll, blogs can be used social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), forums, etc. Thanks to technology, including the application for the job.


Another interesting feature of the election CyRank comment to clarify a point or if you just want to supply your argument to justify giving you the option to vote.


I have a question to pose to a group, and that you do not want to complicate the task of the vote recount, CyRank to go for a great choice.

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