The chatroom for learning any language in the world

So you can chat freely and connect with thousands of users from around the world to develop a network of friends, chat in any language you choose you can access the fracas, chatting and dating a specialist.


The best part of this globally connected, will appear in the chat you will be at the top of the list of users who live near you, are ordered by proximity.


If you want to chat to practice a certain language, you can choose a country and people who live in a particular region can look for.


Like a chat client, and all private discussions with the option, where you will see a variety of languages ??are spoken in a common room.


Then, after some conversation, a friend you can, you can add them to your favorites. If you tick off, you can easily block.


The best way to practice your language skills, whatever you want with a real conversation about the use of virtual friends.

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