Google Wave

Google Wave

Communicate with your contacts in real time and in a collaborative way

Google Wave is a first sending and editing  system  which is similar to a wiki used in real-time editing capabilities, and added, was set to replace e-mail, an online application.


This time, the message will not be received or sent a wave, but also to read and edit the recipients, and its creator must have an account provided by the wave of your win, equivalent to traditional email. These messages just as you would when using an instant messaging client that can be said.


With a wave contacts an instant messaging program process is very similar, with the opening of more than one conversation. You can interact with all the contacts included in waves respond or to respond to messages and edit them.


Insert images and videos allowing for waves, and it includes tools for the visualization and playback. As well as their place in real time is done, it is possible to witness the progress of the upload.


The day that this was not enough, Google Wave extension further extends the possibilities of real-time communication system that supports this.

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