Chat with your contacts on any computer without installing any IM Client

If you use a computer which is not your  own  and you want to chat with your friends and you need to install the IM client does not understand? Make sure that you do not ever felt. From now on, you do not install anything without the MessengerFX way to chat with your contacts are available, will be no problem.


Yes, MessengerFX yahoo, gtalk, and aim to WLM (MSN) are online IM client. Perfect. You only MessengerFX access and login and password will give IM networks.


Then, the both of you all the features of the IM client has been used, but creating will enjoy.


You can even edit the group and the more you can personalize it as you plan to use the IM client.


A full-featured web-based IM client for free.

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