6.0.2 for Mac
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Safari Mac users' unbroken companions, who are generally proud of the excellent performance of this web browser made by Apple.

Nowadays, and according to Apple analisis, Safari is called the world's fastest web browser. It loads pages faster than Firefox three times and is five times faster than Opera. It also happens with JavaScript, where the Safari process is 4 times faster than Firefox and 5 times faster than Opera.

Safari Tab offers many features and options for browsing, pop-up blockers, bookmarks, snapbacks, ... 1,2,3 easier browsing.

AutoFilm, RSS or Permanent Text Boxes Other features we'll find while using this excellent web browser. Safari is a great way to surf the web for Mac. Requirements
This version is for height with Mac OS X 10.6.1 or Snow Leopard.

Users of Mac OS Tips, please download [url = https: //] Lifards Safari for [/ URL]
Mac OS Tiger user, please download [url = https: //] Tiger Safari for [/ URL]


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