2.6.19 for Mac
GnuCash Team
Personal accounting for small businesses

If you do not know how much money you spend per month, then you GnuCash can be an effective way to manage your income.

Pad tool to open the economy to a family or small business finances are handled.

GnuCash uses the double entry accounting system and an income / expense account, where you can make notes of all commercial operations.

On the other hand, your clients, suppliers and employees can be managed; It supports operations in different currencies and QIF and OFX file format to be imported.

GnuCash Other interesting features are:

- Big variety of graphics and reports to summarize the economic activity.

- Transaction programmer and locater.

- Run the expiration date, and many of the reminder.

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License Version Developer
GNU 2.6.19 for Mac GnuCash Team


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