Pro 2.3.13
Another System
A point of sale system for managing customers and reports

AnotherPOS Pro is a point of sale software to the Pro version allows you to do a variety of tasks.

First of all, your expertise in your inventory movement, although a detailed description of your product allows you to manage stock.

Second, it's a feature you manage your suppliers and the cost of each and every one of them to keep track of the products has been.

Other actions can include :, AnotherPOS customers to manage purchase orders and shipment of combining multiple forms of payment, as well as a dual tax system, and that waivers

Summary of the transactions carried out throughout the day ,, stock sales per employee, etc. included in the reporting system AnotherPOS gives you all the details about the transaction carried out with practically any program.


For OS X 10.4 or later. To log in to the program, you have to enter the username 'root' and the password '123456'.


Trial version lasts 60 days.

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