Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare

4.1.7 build 21529 for Mac
Scooter Software
Compare and sync directories from two different computers

While at the same time when the computer work, you probably do not always have the same content on both of them, and manually compare each folder can get very tedious, costing you precious time.

This helps you easily and efficiently program beyond compare. This tool compares the individual folders and files from your computer to sync folders in order to easily detect the difference between the two.

The program allows you to compare FTP files, and supports the use of filters to very specific comparison.

In addition, incredibly, without the use of other external applications to change the programming file that is perfect for a very simple text editor is included. You can also specify the color of the highlighted file or can customize the difference between the flag.

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License Version Developer
Free 4.1.7 build 21529 for Mac Scooter Software


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